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Nintendo Downloads For October 16

In Harmony A steady, stalwart group of new releases and discounts lead the way in this week’s eShop update. For one thing, the oft-delayed Ballpoint Universe finally launches on the Wii U, another Game Boy Advance Castlevania (the classic Harmony of Dissonance) arrives on Virtual Console, and Hyrule Warriors gets

Come Join thePSGB on Twitch!

Hey there readers! Here at thePSGB we have exciting news… we’re starting a our own Twitch channel! Having a Twitch channel will give us a chance to play the games we love, communicate with you, and raise awareness for the site. Come check us out every single Monday and Friday starting at

How Nintendo Can Restore Their Brand Value

Nintendo fans are good sports in the face of deference. No matter the setback, they bounce back and settle in to enjoy the company’s quality games. Recently, the brand analysis company Interbrand have re-evaluated Nintendo’s brand value, and it’s not a pretty sight. According to Interbrand, with emphasis added: Nintendo

Brand-New Mega Evolutions Confirmed & More (UPDATED)

Disclaimer: This article has been updated as of 10/14/2014 to reflect the official western release of details regarding the next Pokemon remakes. Please regard any language reflecting the information’s origins from Corocoro Magazine last Thursday. A boatload of new information on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has just gone

Nintendo Downloads For October 9

Part of a Well-Balanced Diet Assuming you haven’t crashed after last week’s Smash Bros. high, this week on the eShop should have plenty of options for you. Among its many, diverse highlights, a Bayonetta 2 demo has gone live (with a 15 use limit), so if you’re on the fence